Charlotte Police Foundation

Bringing People and Police Together

Established in 2004 by local business and civic leaders, the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Foundation works to strengthen Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department services and to promote public safety in Charlotte, North Carolina. An independent, non-profit 501c3 organization, we dedicate our efforts to assuring safer neighborhoods and highly skilled and equipped police through better technology, education and programming.

With tax-deductible donations, we provide the tools and training needed for a cutting-edge police force. To protect the privacy of our citizens, we don’t use phone solicitations or telemarketers. Instead, we coordinate events that not only raise much-needed police department funds, but bring our community together.

CMPF Facts:

  • CMPF garners support primarily from Charlotte-area businesses and the community.
  • Our foundation provides resources for CMPD programs that the city cannot readily fund.
  • We help the CMPD keep pace with rapidly evolving technology, skill sets and strategies.
  • Funds for the CMPD are raised without telephone solicitation or telemarketers.

Spring Luncheon

April 2, 2020

Held each spring, this non-profit event kick-starts the annual CMPD fundraising efforts.

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